Why Your Startup Needs a Security Awareness

Startups want to acquire as many loyal customers as they can in a short time. Customer loyalty results from various factors that a startup founder needs to be aware of -- one of them is security awareness. In this post, I will draw attention to the issues “why your startup needs cybersecurity policies” and “how do you set up security for your startup.” Why should startups care about security? Web applications are critical for all organizations, especially for startups, when building customer trust in a short time. An application for a startup is the first place where your potential customers get information about you. It is also the primary way they interact with you. We all know that security is vital no matter whether it’s a mobile or a web application. Nevertheless, it’s sometimes challenging to urge a developer’s attention to possible vulnerabilities. The time after an attack is just too late to think about security, and it costs you a lot. And, why don't they? Finding money, n
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